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We create websites, mobile apps and membership software hosted on the cloud to grow your organization.

for membership associations, nonprofits, Chambers of Commerce, JCCs, EDOs, or real estate groups.

Increasing Revenue & Productivity
Increasing Revenue & Productivity

Is your organization struggling to grow?

Nonprofits struggle to grow because of fragmented software and outdated websites. mg游戏-MG游戏中心 Freedom solves this by providing a total software solution with tools to manage your Website, Membership, Events, Finance, Sales & Marketing empowering your nonprofit to thrive.

  • Are you using too many programs, with too many logins?
    No more multiple logins!
  • Does your team juggle dozens of Excel spreadsheets across multiple programs, making it impossible to gain insights?
    No more importing & exporting!
  • Do you rely on others to make updates/changes on your website?
    Freedom’s easy-to-use CMS allows YOU to make quick updates!
  • Is your website JUST a website?
    Go beyond a basic web solution, and find ways to streamline your entire business by using a single, cloud-based software platform on Freedom.

Review our Buyer's Guide BEFORE creating your next website

Are you searching for your organization’s next membership management and website solution? It’s the most important decision your business can make and is often overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of questions to keep in mind? Take a look at our Buyer's Guide, a free resource for your team to plan and prepare for your future.

Delight Your Members

Easily manage complex membership needs

Freedom Software™ allows you to easily manage your membership data, track member accounts and payments, make detailed reports, promote new membership, manage customer interactions and more.

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Easy Event Management

Online events & registration

Freedom Software™ allows you to manage your events online from A to Z. Your members can see your full event calendar, view the event details, register for the event, and check in at the event all with Freedom. You can even create recurring events.

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Financial reports & tracking

Recurring billing & online payments for member dues

Freedom Software™ makes it easy for anyone on your team to manage membership billing from a web-based interface with integration to your mainstream accounting software. Create & schedule invoices, generate reports, and automatically send collection notices.

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Unlimited member accounts

Built for membership organizations of all sizes

Your membership organization will be able to manage 10 to 100,000+ members with Freedom Software™. Stay in touch with all of your members through email communication, online forms + events, while keeping track of their profile information in a secure database.

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Is your website a revenue generator or just an expense?

Start generating more members, more event registrations, more engagements, and more income to grow your non-profit.


Markets we serve...

We aim to serve non-profit organizations of all types, from small membership groups to complex organizations. Learn more about why we focus on these markets, and how we’re always improving our efforts.

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Cloud-based Software

With Freedom you'll be able to:

  • Manage Membership

    Not only can you provide your members with all you need on your website, you can also use it as a membership database. Manage your member accounts, billing, payments, and event registration.

  • Easily update your website

    You need to have your website up to date and easy to maintain. Freedom empowers anyone within your organization to make updates to your website.

  • Create marketing campaigns

    From landing pages to email campaigns, Freedom makes it easy to promote your organization to individuals or groups, follow up on communication, and stay in touch with your members.

  • Create unlimited forms

    With our easy-to-use form builder you can create unlimited web forms. You can make a form for any situation: event registration, employment opportunities, or even internal office polls.

  • Manage financial reports

    Create & schedule invoices, generate reports, and automatically send collection notices. So easy that anyone on your team can do it.

  • Security and Data Encryption

    We have data scientists that are obsessed with security. We understand the risks of the ever changing, complex world of security and how it affects businesses. You can rest assure it is our top priority. Our security measures thorough and all encompassing.

You're in good company

mg游戏-MG游戏中心 has created websites for many types of organizations. Browse our porfolio to see more of our work.

Recent Website Launch

American Mushroom Institute
“We chose mg游戏-MG游戏中心 not only for their experience working with associations, but also because their system is so comprehensive. Because the system is so complete, we are able to eliminate some third party services like email marketing and event management, as we can perform these functions within mg游戏-MG游戏中心 Freedom and save money on those line items in our budget.”
— Lori Harrison, Director of Communication
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